Vault7: Some CIA's malware is now known to have a signature making it possible to ATTRIBUTE A MALWARE ATTACK TO THE CIA.

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Deep State is trouble. Analysts are surely busy this morning going over malware repositories, looking for evidence of CIA involvement. #Vault7

Summary of relevant details

Vault 7 reveals that the CIA has a nifty program called “Marble Framework” that enables them to make their malware hard to detect. Unfortunately (for them), Marble also leaves detectable traces of itself in the malware (see wikileaks for details and source code). As you might already know, security researchers keep copies on hand of lotsa malware that’s been discovered in the past. They can now automatically scan their collections of malware to see whether any of it was created by the CIA.
Who knows what will be discovered by day’s end?
IF you know any security researchers, please be sure to pass along the Wikileaks URL
NEW WIKILEAKS VAULT 7 RELEASE PT 3 “MARBLE” — Exposes the CIA’s system for hiding/misdirecting attribution of hacking.

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WikiLeaks: CIA’s “Marble Framework” shows its hackers use potential decoy languages

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