Trump Decreases Illegal Immigration by 60%

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions entered the No Spin Zone and notified Americans that President Trump’s strong leadership engendered the 60% decrease of illegal border crossings. Sessions also announced the Trump administration’s plans to take effective action against sanctuary cities which innately partake in the aiding and abetting of illegal immigrants. Additionally, locales who refuse to cooperate with the agents of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement will no longer receive any federal funding. Illegal immigrants have no place in America and those who willingly halt the efforts of law enforcement are obstructing justice.
Interestingly enough, it appears as though the Trump administration will be continuing certain tactics that were implemented during the Obama administration. Sessions noted that similarly to the previous administration, the current one will send grant notices to persons, requiring them to assure that they’re in compliance with the law and warning that various fundings will be discontinued if they fail to do so. The attorney general stated that this course of action is not the preferred one; the Trump administration would much rather see cities abide by the law.

Sanctuary cities who lose their federal funding will not experience devastated budgets, but the monetary decrease will undoubtedly leave it’s mark. It is imperative for these communities to abide by the law and allow ICE to do their job. Undocumented immigrants, especially ones with criminal records, need to be immediately deported. Those who interfere with this process must be penalized; lawlessness has no place in America. Sessions also informed Bill O’Reilly that the leaks surrounding the President’s administration will be terminated as well.
It is outstanding to witness the Trump administration take swift, effective action against criminals and sanctuary cities that aid them. As the President frequently stated on the 2016 campaign trail, we cannot have a country with the absence of law and order. People who wish to enter America, yet lack citizenship, have to immigrate legally. Illegal immigration costs taxpayers billions of dollars. The United States has homeless veterans and civilians starving in the streets and a national debt that rises every hour. A prosperous nation requires the enforcement of laws; those who fail to abide must be punished.

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