DAILY UPDATE Coronavirus % growth for JUNE 1

by healrstreettalk

Below is a summary of trends from yesterday (as of late EST). Starting with the Global stats for a broad overview.

Then stats for the USA. Also, now that we’re starting to have enough data to see more distinct patterns emerging, I’ve decided to include the death rates for the country attempting the largest herd immunity (currently Sweden).

The data is available in more detail here.


Confirmed Cases growth is 📉:

  • Decreasing to 1.61%
  • Increasing by 99,215
  • Total confirmed cases is 6,266,193

Deaths growth is 📈:

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  • Increasing to 0.95%
  • Increasing by 3,522
  • Total deaths is 375,559

Death Rate growth is mixed:

  • 11.5% recovery rate (📉)
  • 5.7% WHO CFR (flat)
  • 7.1% incubation rate (📉)


Confirmed Cases growth is 📈:

  • Increasing to 1.18%
  • Increasing by 21,188
  • Total confirmed cases is 1,811,360

Deaths growth is 📈:

  • Increasing to 0.75%
  • Increasing by 784
  • Total deaths is 105,165

Death Rate growth is mixed:

  • 18.7% recovery rate (📉)
  • 5.5% WHO CFR (flat)
  • 6.5% incubation rate (📉)


Death Rate growth is mixed:

  • 47.0% recovery rate (📈)
  • 10.4% WHO CFR (📉)
  • 12.7% incubation rate (flat)

Disclaimer: Please take from this what you choose. Although the official numbers may or may not reflect exactly how many cases remain unreported, I try to remain unopinionated in these reportings and leave the opinions and analysis to the comments



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