Government & Media Ridicule

by Jim Quinn

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message summary instill fear lock people up remove pressure valves strike match

tweet has anyone told them rioting looting reinforcing biggest stereotypes

when you spend 300 in target 15 minutes before its looted

minneapolis on fire msnbc generally speaking this isnt unruly

cnn racist cop car attacks joggers

weve been through covid fires murder hornets quiet please best can do is riots

on a scale of 1 to 1984 how free do you feel muzzle in grocery story follow arrows on floor

worldwide cov 19 cases in gazillions politicians no more accurate

unmasking kayleigh mcenancy mainstream media dnc cnn msnbc npr nyt wapo cbs nbc

nbc news nationwide hunt three white males kidnapping girl

i dont have white vs black issues wrong vs right issues

riot crowds just like that covid was gone

tweet this isnt civil disobedience paid domestic terrorism fbi investigate

drop single minded can be against cop killing and looters

new mask to save countless lives duct tape nancy pelosi

journalists 1990s nato bombing filming genocide 2020 trump said hes racist tears

joe biden dementia my ass ive always been this dumb

people with glasses as soon as they put mask on fogged

you should wear mask protect others even if dont need same with firearm

in minneapolis can get arrested for opening business but not looting one

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