DailyCaller: Mueller Witness Allegedly Possessed Vile Videos of Children as Young as Three Raped by Goats and Other Horrific Acts

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A Lebanese-American adviser to the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates, George Aref Nader, was charged with possessing shocking and abhorrent videos showing children between the ages of three and 13 in sexual acts with goats.

The videos were allegedly found after Nader’s three iPhones were seized to look for information about his political activities as part of the Robert Mueller probe.

Twelve vile videos are detailed in an FBI affidavit recently unsealed. One video is described as:

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George Nader Affidavit:

Luke Rosiak
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Robert Mueller knew a witness had child porn videos of toddlers getting raped by goats — but he hid the charges until after the Mueller report came out quoting the witness. In fact, he let him leave the country to the United Arab Emirates.


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