Dan Bongino: Make no mistake – liberals, & their media sycophants, know Obama was the most corrupt president in US history. Tom Fitton: SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE Barack Obama was at the center of Trump/Flynn targeting #Obamagate

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Tom Fitton: SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE Barack Obama Was At The Center Of Trump/Flynn Targeting #Obamagate

ZING! WH Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany DUNKS on Liberal Hacks, Slams Obama Regime, Then Closes Her Book and Leaves the Room

Tuesday’s presser was like a feel-good movie ending.

Some liberal hack asked Kayleigh if President Trump’s DOJ is investigating any Obama officials caught up in Obamagate scandal.

Kayleigh responded to the question, dunked on the corrupt Obama regime, closed her book and left the room!

Kayleigh McEnany: “For 3 years the American people were dragged through the mud and told their choice for the President of the United States might have been a Russian asset, based on no evidence at all. This president was exonerated by the Mueller Report. There’s some real questions for some of these individuals who were saying one thing publicly and another thing privately. Thank you so much!”


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