Daniel Greenfield – More Election Conspiracies to Silence the Right

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from Financial Survival Network

Daniel Greenfield returns… In the middle of March, The Guardian, a British lefty tabloid, rolled out a fake scandal that has dominated the media. Its original article claimed that Christopher Wylie, a “whistleblower”, had revealed how Cambridge Analytica, the company he had worked for, had helped Trump win by illegitimately harvesting large amounts of Facebook data and then exploiting it to target users. The story has since fallen apart in every conceivable way that a story is capable of falling apart. Obama’s people had also harvested data from Facebook friends. “We ingested the entire U.S. social graph,” his media analytics guru had boasted. But so had everyone else. A platform operations manager at Facebook estimated that hundreds of thousands of developers had gotten access to friend data. So much for The Guardian’s claim that, “information had been harvested on an unprecedented scale”. It’s all just a big excuse to silence the right on social media and get rid of Trump. Good luck!

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