Dear Mainstream Media, YOU ARE FAKE NEWS!

By Gabrielle Seunagal
At approximately 7:00 am this morning, President Trump used Twitter to defend himself against negative media polls that libelously branded his border security policies as “unpopular” amongst the American people. The media’s assertion is baseless, prejudicial, and highly unfounded. Their biased tactics to promote their own agenda were revealed during the 2016 Presidential Election. CNN’s notoriety for being anti-Trump and anti-conservative rightfully earned them the satirical nickname of “Clinton News Network.” All reports by CNN should be intensely scrutinized and taken with a grain of salt in the meantime.

On Friday, the Clinton News Network released a poll stating that 55% of Americans view the President’s travel ban as an attempt to ban Muslims from the country and 60% of Americans oppose his plan to build a wall along the Mexican border. CNN is a very established media outlet; some people may take their information at face value, but there are variables worthy of consideration. Which Americans did CNN use to gather data for their poll? Were Democrats, Independents, and Republicans interviewed? Was feedback from liberal Americans and conservative Americans used? Does this poll contain an equal amount of data from the Left and the Right or is most of the feedback from left wing Americans? All of these accounts must be taken into consideration and investigated before this poll is deemed as legitimate and representative of the country as a whole. Polls are easily manipulated and it would come as no shock if this particular one contains a leftist, anti Trump bias.

President Trump would not have emerged as the victor of the 2016 election if Americans did not support his travel ban. Throughout Mr. Trump’s campaign for the Oval Office, he made his policy plans very clear. The screening of outsiders was one of the central elements of his campaign. Some people were critical of this, but many Americans, even Democrats, supported Trump over Clinton, and understood that his national security policies would protect Americans from terrorist attacks (something that former President Obama failed to do). Soon-to-be-President Trump did not mince words and authored Crippled America, a blueprint on how to Make America Great Again. He discussed his plans to enact much needed change and earned steadfast support from diverse groups of Americans. Hours before the election results poured in on November 8, CNN announced that Hillary Clinton odds of winning the election stood at 91%. Obviously, those so called “statistics” turned out to be extremely inaccurate. The blatant partiality and faulty media statements, particularly throughout the election, has shattered their credibility.

I proudly endorse the policies of President Trump. He is an excellent leader who knows what will promote the success and prosperity of America. His only agenda is to defend and strengthen the country that he loves so much. The mainstream media has plenty of motivation to present bias and inaccuracy throughout their reports.  George Soros, a notorious liberal billionaire, has a plethora of ties to news outlets such as NBC, ABC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc. When corporations are bought and paid for by wealthy, powerful donors,  it is merely a matter of time before they deteriorate and become paid mouthpieces. President Trump’s policies are what won him the votes of the American people. I trust him. He has no reason to present falsehoods; the media has every reason. Discernment is an essential ability to have when accessing and validating claims made by the mainstream media.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Mainstream Media, YOU ARE FAKE NEWS!”

  1. The opposition of the fake mainstream media is the best recommendation to support Trump. His reliance on dual nationals of a zionist bent to staff his administration is not reassuring.


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