The Web of Soros and How He Plans to Overturn Executive Orders

by Mark Angelides
As is well publicized, a Seattle Federal judge has halted President Trump’ executive order pertaining to temporary travel restrictions. What is not more widely known is who is directly responsible for this halt.
The MSM are hailing Judge James Robart’s temporary halt as a brave decision and a fight back against injustice. What the media are largely ignoring is that a judge only rules on a case, the case is brought by a plaintiff and the plaintiff is represented by a lawyer (or group of lawyers).

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The poor downtrodden lead plaintiff in this case happens to be named “State of Washington” and the lawyers just happen to mostly be working for George Soros. This was George Soros’ case against Donald Trump, nothing more and nothing less.
The lawyers involved in this case are working with (or employed by) organizations headed up by the ACLU. The American Civil Liberties Union was formed in 1920 and today has more than a million members, around 200 full time lawyers and more than 2000 volunteer lawyers and their estimated annual budget is around $150 million (this does not include affiliate organizations).
Of their $150 million budget, some comes from the taxpayer, some from settlements but a major part comes from donors. Top of this list is one George Soros. An open grant of $50 million was awarded to the ACLU in 2014 and the money keeps pouring in directly from Soros’ Open Society Foundation and other sources that are also sponsored by Soros.
The OSF has budgeted almost $100 million for US activities in 2017, predominantly to be spent on “Democratic Practice, Equality and Anti-discrimination, and Justice Reform”. The fact that a private citizen will be spending $100 million to enact changes in the democratic process and rule of law in a nation that is the benchmark of modern democracy is quite unnerving.
This is nothing more than an attempt by George Soros to undermine and hinder any policy enacted by the Trump administration. Rule number one in media disinformation is to “put a heart tugging image to the cause”.
In the case of the temporary travel ban, we have seen:
A photogenic Iranian baby in dire need of heart surgery pictured on most MSM sites with the direct intention of influencing our opinions on the validity of President Trump’s order.
A very sad tale of an immigrant mother who actually died when she was turned away from the airport. This story later turned out to be another case of the MSMs fake News as the mother in question had died prior to the travel restrictions being implemented. It did not however, discourage the media from pushing the story.
While it’s true that these stories can be very sad, their purpose is to swell support for organizations and movements that in themselves are driven directly by Big-Money groups with their own interests in mind. George Soros is well used to using lobbying groups to drive his agenda. It’s a shame that the once proud ACLU has become nothing more than a lobbying firm for George Soros


9 thoughts on “The Web of Soros and How He Plans to Overturn Executive Orders”

  1. The problem is media “coverage.”
    What alleged, “Fake News”? It’s just plain Lies now. It’s war on Americans. It’s, “Death To America.” It’s, “Kill Trump;” It’s “Kill Trump Supporters.” It’s clearly the inherent insanity of liberals revealed—and they take pride in it.
    Where is law enforcement? Isn’t it time to get serious, when threats are serious?
    Can you imagine this sort of attack having been done on Obama, or his strangely angry looking wife? Or his strangely somber looking children when they were 10 years old? Like the insane media now do to Donald and Melania Trump and their children, and especially to 10 year old Barron Trump—the diseased media’s latest targets?
    It’s almost everywhere: “don’t buy their CDs or the products they hawk on TV, don’t go to their inane movies, don’t visit their stupid sites, don’t listen to them on the radio.
    “Don’t watch them on their Fake News TV—their Lies—don’t buy tickets to see them do ANYthing, and especially don’t watch or attend their dumb, leftist-activist ‘shows.’
    “Don’t believe any lying word they say. Ignore their lies. Defund them; block their plots. 
    “‘Find them; fix them in place; isolate them; and ridicule them;'” paraphrasing their sly, tribal, cabalistic, luciferian leader, Saul Alinksky ????
    Breitbart: “It is well past time for the ???????? government, or conservative legal foundations, to pursue the donors behind groups that proudly and deliberately prevent others from exercising their civil rights.
    “And it is time to shame them: the black masks of the Black Bloc and so-called ‘Antifa’ activists should be regarded like the white hoods of the Klan — as the uniforms of extremist hatred.”

  2. If ANYONE wants to VENT their frustrations, feel free to SEND THEM to George Soros’s CURRENT RESIDENCE at ….CARAMOOR ESTATE, Bedford, NY…….The Lizard king seems to like ATTENTION….Let’s GIVE HIM SOME.

  3. I would think that if any other judge looked at this matter in its proper context, they would have thrown it out because the ACLU has no standing in this matter. By their very name they should be concerned about the legal matters of U S citizens not someone who is not yet even within the borders of this country. Of course, Mr. trump could always exercise his power over the State department and have them to cancel ALL visas except those of American citizens and call for the blanket deportation of ALL those whose visas have now expired. If some judges want to play games with the safety ans security of the American people, I would suggest they first think about this as being a mandate of the office of the President of the United States regardless of who they may be.


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