Deceleration or Recession?

U.S. corporate leaders are getting worried about a recession

Watch out below.

Top U.S. business leaders are “bracing for a recession,” and many are already starting to slash costs to prepare their companies for a downturn ahead.

So says the research firm Gartner, after a study of all the recent fourth-quarter corporate results announcements, and the transcripts of business leaders’ earnings calls with Wall Street analysts.

The news comes just days after employers nationwide stunned Wall Street with dismal jobs-growth numbers for the month of February.

Meanwhile the Atlanta branch of the Federal Reserve, which tracks national economic numbers in real time, warns that the U.S. economy is already in danger of stalling.

‘A significant number of leading firms are taking a recessionary stance and making preparations to capitalize on a downturn rather than be a casualty of one.’

Tim Raiswell, Gartner