“Deep state” Murder In Mexico To Keep Corruption Alive, The World Is Watching

by Thinker

The world is watching those who continue to commit crimes against humanity and children, that will be hunted down for the crimes committed and exposed at the highest levels. The “TRUTH” can’t die with a death, it only get “STRONGER” for MAGA and the World!!!


Together we fight to build a wall, supporting the heroes one and all. The battle continues and the fight won’t stop, for those who commit crimes at the very top. All around they watch everything you do, all being recorded and waiting for the time to come and get you. Did you really think you got away with it??? Wait till you see the film they have on you!!! Keep look around…they’re watching you!!!

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The Deep State VS. Trump & America — Robert David Steele

We are at a crossroads, and you’ll need to choose the side you want to be on that can’t lose.



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