Deep State’s Soft Coup Against Trump Enters Critical Phase

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by Thinker

Watergate Dynamic Duo Gaslights Trump, Pompously Calls for Congressional Hearings

SOTN Editor’s Note: As seen in the hyper-ventilating HUFFPOST article linked below, Deep State is getting awfully desperate. The same Dynamic Duo of Watergate fame — Woodward and Bernstein — is being used to take down yet another Republican president. How ‘courageous’ of these two obvious agents of Deep State—Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

KEY POINTS: “While at Yale, Bob Woodward joined the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity and was a member of the prestigious secret society Book and Snake.”[1] Their privately-owned meeting place is the windowless “Book and Snake Tomb” adjacent to the

Yale Law School.

As for Carl Bernstein, his personal relationships with so many famous female VIP luminaries clearly reflect an Illuminati association enjoyed by very few journalists who operate at his level. “While single, in the 1980s, Bernstein became known for dating Bianca Jagger, Martha Stewart and Elizabeth Taylor, among others. During his marriage to Nora Ephron, Bernstein met Margaret Jay, daughter of British Prime Minister James Callaghan and wife of Peter Jay, then UK ambassador to the United States.”[2]

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The essential point is that these two ultra-loyal Deep State puppets were quite purposefully put together to fictionalize and sensationalize Watergate while at The Washington Post, just as they are fabricating a ‘Trumpgate’ today. Where wacky Woodward is the “smoke, batty Bernstein is the mirrors”.

For the uninitiated, the so-called Watergate scandal was not about a two-bit political burglary by the White House Plumbers; rather, it was about a massive pedo-crime coverup by the Democratic Party. As follows:

DEEP STATE BOMBSHELL: Watergate was really about Pedogate

It’s crucial to understand that Deep State launched a soft coup against Donald Trump the very day he was elected. They immediately began the process of gaslighting the President, as they have done each and every day since then. A quick scan of MSM news reports published by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media will confirm this ever-intensifying psyop. The deluge of so much fake news about the Trump administration also proves that: THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

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Gaslighting the POTUS!

Deep State knows that Trump cannot be JFKed as the massive patriot movement is totally on to their incessant false flag attacks and assassinations. They’re also aware that an impeachment process will lead to a civil war. Hence, their only way to ‘safely’ remove Trump from office is to engineer a ‘psychiatric discharge’. So many fake media reports have been issued toward this end that the whole world now knows that mainstream media news is mostly false reporting with a highly purposeful and overtly political agenda—to effectuate a coup d’état.

Because Deep State is extremely desperate, particularly in view of the irreparable damage Trump’s wrecking ball has done thus far, they know:…ead=107018

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