Hillary Controls the FBI…Keeping Agent Taus Locked In Clinton Prison!

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by Thinker

How many FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, military personal have had to comply with order that they didn’t want to do??? So many people in positions of power and “TRUST” have been exposed by the Trump “Drain the Swamp” investigations, that it would seem desperation is setting in to change the tide. Those that oppose Trump for Hillary are choosing sides and one side supports human trafficking and child rape, and the other doesn’t. How many thought Hillary was going to win and thought they had no choice??? How many will be coming forward to stand in support of Donald Trump???

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How many FBI agents will step up to call for the release of former agent Richard Taus, who has been locked away for wanting to report the “TRUTH” that would have prevented George Bush Jr. from ever being elected. Taus is in the Clinton Federal prison with the key thrown away…WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE???

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Gary Northington and Richard Taus American Political Prisoners with YearOfJubi


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