Delaware medical supplier says FEMA seized 400,000 N95 masks, now he’s out millions of dollars

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This is beyond incapability, it is straight corruption.

WILMINGTON, Del. – As pleas for protective masks continue amid the coronavirus pandemic, a Delaware supplier of medical equipment is disputing the legality of what he said were federal seizures of hundreds of thousands of N95 respirators.

George Gianforcaro, owner of the small, Newark, Delaware-based Indutex USA, said the Federal Emergency Management Agency did not pay him when it took possession of two imported shipments of masks bound for customers across the United States.

Those customers included Delaware nursing facilities, the state of Michigan and boat captains who steer foreign ships through U.S. bays.

He said he does not know where the seized N95 masks are today, or whether they have been distributed to medical facilities or others.

Can’t wait for the senate investigation.

The house has already subpoenaed fema for all records and directives involving them seizing PPE.

All I hear about is fema seizing PPE from states, distributors and suppliers. I haven’t heard one story about fema showing up with supplies to impacted areas yet.

If fema is seizing supplies for distributors to resell them I think someone will go to jail.



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