Why Is Fast Food the Busiest It’s Ever Been During A Pandemic?

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by ailurophile_foxglove

I work at a KFC Taco Bell (both stores combined) and we’ve literally sold out of almost everything this Monday. Our truck was supposed to come that night but after opening at 10:30 am we had to close shortly after at 1 pm because we ran out of flour and breading (so no more chicken or tenders), coleslaw, fries, Taco Bell beef and chicken, every sauce except buffalo, tortilla shells, popcorn chicken, and maybe even some things I forgot. And this isn’t because we weren’t prepared, oh we thought we were, but how can you predict literally every other order being (sometimes multiple) family sized bucket meals. Especially when a new promotion for more food in a family sized meal suddenly starts being advertised because of this pandemic, but they neglect to inform us ahead of time and we have to work with what we got. We’ve literally never had to shut down early for running out of food before. And people yelled at me (probably because I was the drive thru girl and was the only one they could yell at) because we ran out of stuff. As if I have the authority and it’s my responsibility to order supplies, but even if I could there’s NO WAY any of us could’ve seen this coming. Minimum wage hasn’t changed here ($12 per hour) and I now have to deal with angry people wanting to hoard food and getting upset at me that someone else did it before them as if I could control that. Just to set an example of how ridiculous some people are, one lady came every week for 4 weeks and got 3 taco 12 packs and 3 16 piece buckets of chicken. Every. Single. Week. I want your guys’ opinions here, do you think we’re really essential? I honestly think my town is being very lazy and not wanting to wait in a long line at Walmart and stock up on groceries for a month just so they have to cook every day. Why should we have to work 10x harder just because they don’t want to work at all to do anything even though most of them are laid off from their jobs and literally don’t have anything else to do! I respect the people who still have jobs coming on their lunch breaks, but it’s sad they can’t even do that anymore when our line gets wrapped around the building and into the street because no one wants to cook for themselves. It’s especially frustrating when people are becoming regulars only NOW during a PANDEMIC. Also my towns police have stated they won’t do anything about people being out for non essential activities because they don’t care enough. Literally. I really just want to quit but I can’t be sure I’ll get money from the government if so many other people are already doing that and I still haven’t received my $1200. Any advice on this as well? I’m getting head aches and so much stress every day from all of this and I don’t think it’ll stop any time soon.



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