Dementia in Chief is Threatening People Who Don’t Believe His Fake Election Next Week

by Chris Black

The democrats are planning a huge election-steal next week, and Uncle Joe is threatening you if you don’t believe it.

This election is going to be extreme.

They are not going to tell us the results of any of the elections that they are saying will be close.

It seems unavoidable that they will have to allow Republicans to win some of those elections, but they will overturn others with their piles of mail-in ballots.

Republicans have said they will not honor the results if they are fake results with these fake ballots.

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Then we are going to find out what it means that it is “unlawful” to question the results.

Brandon didn’t cite the law that is being violated if you think that these unmarked boxes full of more or less totally anonymous ballots that showed up in boxes might not represent a valid election.

The White House did not come out and correct him as they often do when he makes senile statements.

More ominously than the fact that he made this claim about a law against questioning the result of elections was that the entire media reported on this claim and no one fact-checked it.

Therefore, we can only assume that it is the official policy of the government is that it is against the law to question elections, and that the media officially backs up this policy.

If the Democrats try to do something insane like claim that John Fetterman won, it’s possible that you’re going to see crowds in the streets, Brazil-style, and it is possible that the government will take serious action to make an example of what happens to people who question the values of who we are in a democracy.


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