DemExit: 13 Million to leave Democratic Party Thursday

Starting at 2:20 she says 13 MILLION people are doing the “DemExit” to leave the Democratic party on Thursday!!
FBI wants to know who did the hack of DNC instead of crimes of DNC–Rich
Look at the comments at the bottom. Title of thread summarizes the article from market watch.

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The source of the hack is certainly less important than prosecuting the people who interfered with the election process. What has happened to the FBI? They needed Congress to ask them to investigat Hillary Clinton for perjury. Who do they need permission from to investigate this crime?


75 thoughts on “DemExit: 13 Million to leave Democratic Party Thursday”

  1. The Democrat Party is nothing but a crime syndicate disguised as a political party. Hillary has been lying, stealing, and murdering since the 80s and the Democrat voters seemed to be fine with it. We are seeing how Democrat voters feel now that they know they are her victims too.
    It is going to be a Trump tsunami.

    • I hope this is true about the 13 million leaving the Party on Thursday. Can it be that the media will lose a bit of its control, or will the ex-Dems just keep listening to the same three networks?

    • Poor Bernie, he never had a chance. The Democratic-Liberals had a rigged system in place against him. What is Hillary’s greatest accomplishment beside playing poor Bernie like a violin ?

    • TPTB played with the votes but could not pull it off totally thus the BREXIT was a success….that’s why it looked like such a low margin of percentage points…..otherwise the true spread would have been huge….
      This will have to be a record voter turnout to overcome Soros owned Diebold voting machine scams….


      • John, Israel is orchestrating radical Arabs by funding them, training them, brainwashing them, and arming them to “destroy the West”, here’s the proof:
        Top Illuminati Grand Wizard: “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West.” (WW3)
        John, this documentary dispels the Jewish myth:
        John, you are way behind in your research and are spreading false information.

          • If you take a close look at Hitler’s eyes, you can see the white underneath the iris when he’s looking forward and level. This is indicative of an unbalanced, bad energy, the worst kind. But, I’ve seen what Hitler was in the midst of, enough to drive almost any person mad. But usually, people are born mad and then something triggers the madness or it surfaces early in life. Hitler was a mad man for sure. He had everything right but the genocide. Israel could have risen to greatness too, fraud or not, had they risen to greatness instead of bowing down to do evil and drug Hitler down with them. And today? …history repeats itself:
            “YESTERDAY the Nazis were creating “A PURE German State”
            “TODAY Israel states that it is creating “A PURE Jewish State”
            I’ll checkout the documentary tonight! Thanks!

          • I understand that Hitler could have been on drugs a great deal of the time. That could have been the reason for some of the dreadful mistakes he made. However, that does not take away from the reality that the Jews have done are a lot worse to humanity, subtly hidden under a mask. The Jews had been back stabbing the German people for almost a century. Since 1850 to be exact. They supported Britain’s atrocities in the world and later turned their nation into a remembrance. The Jews have been slowly progressing in doing the same to America since the 1914’s.
            The are simply repeating on the USA, the demise they brought about to British and the German Empire. History tends to repeat itself, only this time, the Jews are working on a “New World Order”, where they come out in full view to dominate the world. The Jews are using Islam in the to destroy the West, and vice versa. Its an all out WWIII where the the west and Islam annihilate each other. After the destruction, the Jews can take control of the world as they have been planning for over 300 years.
            They are already very advance in their plans. It is all a matter of getting Hillary Clinton in office to finish it off, and WWIII to start.

          • Yup.
            You forgot to mention what the Jews did in Russia — the Bolshevik Jews genocided tens of millions of Christians in Russia, hid that truth from the US to this day, hawked the fraud of the 6-miilion Jews genocided instead, the actual number around 600,000 Jews genocide.
            The collective evil of Israel is over, however. They wore out their welcome worldwide now. …what will we do with Israel….I guess it’s in GOD’s hands, and it looks like he put Putin on the job, the creator is russian to judgement!

          • Ah, yes the Holodomore famine (genocide extermination by hunger), orchestrated, implemented and perpetrated by the Bolshevic Jews, of the Stalin’s central government. No one mentions the Holodomore Famine in the Ukraine, that killed 7.5 million people. No holocaust memorial for the Ukranians, exterminated by the Bolshevic Jews.
            No one denounsed it in 1933, only Adolf Hitler did.
            Ukrainian Holodomor (Famine)

          • You know the more I read about Adolf the more I realize how much we all have been brainwashed….
            the irony is he was set up by the Rothschilds but guess Adolf was too aggressive in his NWO approach… lol……just like the klinton stooge had the hots for cigars……etc……it’s entertaining watching the NWO stooges on stage fumbling as the masses awaken…..
            Merkel looks like a constipated woman given her masonic hand signal every chance she gets when on TV…….
            guess her tubal cain won’t show up to save her sorry azz…….. now if only reptillary would get a fresh new rope for her deeds…….!

          • Remember this,
            Hitler did not want war with the west.
            When Germany was divided and their territory reduced and handed to Poland in 1918, it was just an other war waiting to happen. millions of Germans where living in those territories that were part of Germany. Even east and west Prussia, one of the most promminet of the German states. Hitler had no choice but to invade Poland, in order to protect German lives from the Polish (and Polish Jews) who were inflicting massacres of German population, in former German cities such as Danzig (now Gdansk) among many others.
            Hitler intervened because it was the clamor of the German people.
            Chamberlain as leader of the UK, and incited by the Jewish Central bankers in London, declared war on Hitler, but curiously not on Stalin, when both simultaneously invaded Poland. Hitler send 9 petition to Chamberlain for the negotiation and reconciliation of peace, at which Chamberlain refused, not by British own accords, but because he was manipulated by the Jewish bankers in London who wanted a war with Hitler, as reprisal, because Hitler had expelled all Jewish bankers from Germany, and printed his own money. A war in which the main purpose would be to fund the UK against Hitler’s Germany, dragging as they did, the US, and later held both the UK and the US accountable, for the re-establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. Later enhance but the Jewish bankers main Puppet Winston Churchill, that after harshly criticizing the Bolshevik Jews activities in Russia, suffered amnesia $$$$ and sided with the Jewish bankers macabre plans.

  3. After the Bernie coup which looks like the DNC planned this election coup all the way along the Democrats can melt together with the Republicans and form a one party visible dictatorship we already have in America.
    What a lousy system this is.

  4. I had to register as a Democrat in order to vote for Bernie. After I footage, I reregistered as an independent. The WikiLeaks documents just proof which known all along. The final straw for me was Hillary hiring the person responsible for trying to subvert democracy at the DNC. Not sure for whom I’m going to vote, or if I am going to vote. I am 69 years old and have never missed an election, this could be my first. I think both Republicans and the Democrats have pitiful choices. America deserves better

      • Vote Stein? Are you kidding me? You’re throwing away your vote voting for a woman barely anybody knows.
        Vote Trump. Someone who can hold his own against Russia, someone who can tell the American people what they need to hear versus what they want to hear. Trump is not the lesser evil, he’s not even on the same boat as Hillary.

        • I agree with you that, at the last minute, we might be forced to vote for Trump to prevent Hillary, but between now and November, there are many choices. It’s possible to upset enough states with third-party candidates to ensure the electoral college threshold isn’t achieved – and that would throw this election to the Republican-controlled house who will need 2/3. They may not even vote for Trump… and of the choices they have, they might pick Johnson. That may be why he now supports the TPP.

          • Don’t be ridiculous. There is no “voting Trump to prevent Hillary”. I’m voting Trump because I support him. You’re settling for a third-party, someone who is a female version of Bernie. Who, btw, was not innocent in anything concerning Hillary. He is just as corrupt as the next politician, and I guarantee so is Stein.

    • Charlotte, Pick a 3rd party candidate and VOTE. Do not stay home Hillary is counting on that! Encourage everyone you know to cast a vote for a third party candidate they consider honest and who’s views are closest to their own. The dishonest candidates tell you what you want to hear not their own views! Imagine the surprise if 60% of all votes went to 3rd party candidates and one of them won! They may not get much done but some at least seem more honest than the major party candidates and they do not have pre-sold political favors to fulfill.

    • Charlotte, I’ve been reading your posts around some of these comment pages, and I just want to say thank you. You bring a very sensible viewpoint to every conversation you have participated in – that I have noticed.
      BTW, I also performed an almost perfect #DemExit this week… it felt great!

  5. There is no way we will ever compromise our value or morals to support a pathological liar, cheat, and corrupt criminal as Hillary. As the recent WikiLeaks to continues to prove, there is a deep-rooted level of corruption that exists in the DNC that completely undermines American Democracy, and the emails prove that top party officials in the DNC colluded with the Hillary campaign to ensure Bernie failed in this race. Hillary’s campaign should be immediately disqualified from the race, and the nomination should be awarded to the Bernie who honestly & rightfully earned that right. If the DNC continues to push it’s weak candidate down our throats, then we are gone from the Democratic Party forever! We do not vote for the novelty of having the “first female President”. We vote our morals and our values. You should know that Hillary is not a sustainable or viable candidate to win the election. Every poll I can find shows by margins of 80% to 90% that the people don’t want Hillary as President, they want her indicted, and want Bernie as President. Well-known pollster, Nate Silver, has recently released his latest projections showing Trump soundly defeating Hillary by margins of 57% to 42%, and with more emails bound to be released, the problems for Hillary are only going to continue to mount. Also, MSNBC also reported that Hillary’s popularity going into the convention is the lowest historically to that of any candidate going into a convention, at a stunning -22. It is really quite simple… either Bernie wins the nomination at the convention this week, or Trump wins the Presidency in November. Political suicide is your choice. What’s it going to be?

      • Amazing you think you have everything all figured out. I will never vote Hillary and I will never vote Trump. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. I am 100% behind Bernie, and if I have to, I will put my support behind Jill Stein.
        I’m assuming you are a Hillary supporter, I cannot fathom why despite all of the proven lies, cheating, and illegal collusion between her campaign and the DNC to steal this nomination & election, that you blindly and ignorantly still support her. Apparently you have no morals or values, that you’re just as much a corrupt corporate sellout just so you can feel good about a pointless novelty of having the “first female President” versus a President that is honest and ethical.

    • The 57% to 42% projection by Silver does not mean a result of 57 Trump-42 Hillary. It means he projects a 57% chance that Trump would win the election, vs a 42% chance for Hillary if the election were held today.

      • I understand what the numbers mean, but the point being is that the DNC keeps shoving Hillary down our throats as the strongest candidate to defeat Trump, and the reality is, that is just not true. The only candidate that can defeat Trump by landslide margins is Bernie, yet the DNC is willing to commit political suicide all for the pointless novelty of having the “first female President” versus an honest & ethical President, which would be Bernie.

        • A lot of promises made by Hillary are going to be broken if she’s not elected… starting with Obama as the new SCOTUS nominee. A lot of very powerful people want her to win… so look for more election-rigging and slanted media. If she loses, and the Clinton’s don’t have the cover of the Presidency and a sympathetic President, she may be convicted of crimes at some point… not to mention tarnish Chelsea’s chances in the future.
          We are challenged with stopping a dynasty. Fortunately, we know what we’re up against. Unfortunately, we know what we’re up against, too.

  6. The fbi is impotent and has lost all credibility, everyone knows they fbi is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR AND OWNED BY THE CLINTONS! .. way to go comey!

  7. Zionist con-artist Bernie Sanders just endorsed another Zionist Killary Rotten Clinton. He bought a sports car with donor’s money recently. He conned naïve students, who live off their parents and student loans, to send him $27, ripping them off for over $ 220 million in campaign contributions….was on welfare, lived with mommy ‘till he was 40 freaken yrs old! Never held a real job or had a business, net worth of $ 350,000, visited Cuba in 1989 for the third time, calling the Cuban revolution “far deeper and more profound than I had understood it to be.”, admired another Zionist Fidel Castro (worth over $ 900 million), spent his honeymoon in communist Soviet Union, his promo baseball cap is made in communist China…etc.etc…And satanic lesbian Killary and her “read my lips” rapist hubby? Google; Trance Formation of America by Cathy O’Brian & Mark Phillips, former CIA agents, to see who these ‘people’ REALLY are!

    • Bernie Sanders is a BOLSHEVIK in the full sense of the word. Fidel Castro is a Jesuit. Hillary sold her soul to power and the dollar sign… They all spring from the same ruthless fountain and keep similar goals… “Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”

  8. I registered as a dem in order to vote for Sanders in my state primary. Now that Clinton has stolen the nomination I have unregistered as a dem, and am back to being an independent. F the DNC, F Clinton…it is on the corrupt DNC if we get Trump, because they chose the corrupt candidate over the one with integrity.

  9. Donald Trump fund his own campaign so the billionaires don’t own him. The Left and the establishment right are panicking the moment he announced his candidacy. they tried so hard to thwart Trump because they are all scared they will lose their gravy train. Trump is for the people listen to what he says, he say all the time “We” not “I”

  10. “FBI wants to know who did the hack of DNC instead of crimes of DNC”
    Naturally! The main duty of the FBI seems to be to protect Hillary…THEN to protect other Democrats…and THEN (if there’s time) investigate crimes–but NOT crimes committed by Democrats!
    Also…as far as 13 million moonbats leaving the Dem party…this is like the “Million Man March” in that NOBODY will be going anywhere. Too much free stuff at stake. What will these 13 million do, become Republicans? LOL! Green Party members!? Might as well flush their votes down the tubes.

  11. i hope that this is an accurate figure but where did you get the information? i only ask because if i post it, people will ask me. #DEMexit #jillstein2016

  12. everyone seems to be saying..don’t DEMEX yet, you can still vote in so and so democratic primary.
    They are insane.
    2 things, 1 the DNC rigs elections, so your vote is worthless, they do not want you to go because they want your money.
    2 if your leaving the Democratic party, why should you care whom they vote for when you are trying to
    vote in someone to replace them.

  13. I voted trump for president, but I was willing to vote democrat again…
    but not after I saw all those spoiled children blocking traffic – it took my roomate 5 hrs to drive home
    dems are a party of spoiled trust fund brats – they don’t care about the working class at all


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