Democrats Across The Nation Are Opposing Laws Against FGM – It’s A Disgrace

by Mark Angelides

The act of Female Genital Mutilation is becoming far more widespread in the US than ever before. There are more than half a million (at least) women and girls who have undergone this barbaric procedure in the US alone and studies suggest there are more than 200 million women and girls worldwide living today who have been abused in this way.  Yet Democrats (and some Republicans) across the nation are voting AGAINST making this practice illegal in their States.
In Maine, the House voted 76-71 AGAINST a new law that would make Female Genital Mutilation illegal. They have instead opted for an “outreach program” to help “certain communities” understand why it is wrong. But it is not only Maine. Minnesota, Nevada and many other have either passed or in the process of passing laws that stop FGM being made a crime.
Without beating around the bush, this is almost 100% a Muslim issue. It is practiced in the majority of Muslim nations on the majority of women and girls. It is dangerous, unnecessary, has no benefits, is brutal, and it’s sole purpose is to reduce the sex drive (or pleasure received from sex) in women for the sake of Muslim men. Where are the feminists on this issue? Oh, yes. Decrying the white Patriarchy.
But even if laws were passed to make this horrendous act illegal, without politicians who possess a spine, it would still be largely pointless. In the UK, FGM has been illegal for around 30 years; so far, not a single person has been sent to prison or found guilty of either carrying it out, or making their children travel “home” to have the procedure done.
France on the other hand has managed some successful prosecutions. Is the standard of law and evidence so different between the UK and France? Or is it that there is a political will to actually see this thing stopped?
Why would anyone be for this horrid act? Other than Muslim males who believe this benefits themselves in some way, the reality is that no one is actually For” FGM. But these cowards are Against offending Muslims for fear of being called Racist. This is not conjecture…In the UK, in a place called Rotherham, more than 1400 young girls (children) were targeted and sexually abused by Muslim men in Grooming gangs; the authorities failed to investigate and arrest even when evidence was presented…Their excuse was that “they did not want to appear racist”. (If you haven’t heard about this, please look into it. It is a national disgrace that has been uncovered, and more and more of these “Grooming Gangs” are being discovered).
If a person were to cut off a part of their child, would this be a crime? If a person were to stitch two parts of their child’s body together, would this be a crime? I hate to turn to governments even at the best of times, but this needs a FULL GOVERNMENT RESPONSE. it has to stop.

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2 thoughts on “Democrats Across The Nation Are Opposing Laws Against FGM – It’s A Disgrace”

  1. Anybody, especially women, who votes for a politician who opposes making FGM illegal is a stupid fool. Such politicians must desperately want to keep or win their moslem voters which is totally self-serving.


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