Democrats – Allied With Domestic Terrorists: 4 yr Long Coup – Enemies of the State

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In typical Democrat fashion, whenever they get caught doing something, they immediately deflect and project their crimes onto Trump – Pelosi: Trump, Republican Allies Domestic ‘Enemies of the State’

But it’s the Democrats who are allied with BLM and Antifa terrorist organizations.

Lt Col Allen West: “You are aiding and abetting a terrorist organization”

WEST: ‘I’m Tired Of This BLM’ – A ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’

Black Lives Matter is an oxymoronic and disingenuous organization. As a proud American Black Man, I find Black Lives Matter an offensive and condescending organization whose hypocrisy is blatantly evident.

June 2020
The Left has tried to define deadly US riots as ‘peaceful’ protests

Looting, Rioting, Protests Compilation June 2020


July 2019

We all know who the real terrorists are – the left are unhinged, 2018

Nancy Pelosi Calls Republicans “Domestic Enemies” And “Enemies Of The State”

President Trump had a campaign ad that aired June 27th 2020 that showed the riots all across America in Democrat run cities – it’s gone. I cannot find it anywhere except here on Washington comPost – where they scrubbed it with their brand of propaganda ‘fact’ checking:

June 2018
Nancy Pelosi wonders why there ‘aren’t uprisings’ across nation: ‘Maybe there will be’

Search for Democrat run cities and riots and very little comes up in either Google, Bing or YouTube – ‘they’ have flooded search engines with propaganda.

Videos that do come up require signing in to view it.


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