Democrats are FLIPPING OUT Over This News

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BREAKING: “Horowitz Leaks Begin – FBI Official Caught
Altering FISA Documents, Now Under Criminal Investigation”

Here we go. Today is the day the inspector general closed
the “Principal Review” phase of the upcoming IG report.
Now is when the small group of corrupt DOJ and FBI
officials -spotlighted by the IG investigation- begin
trying to shape the narrative; and the leaks start with a

….An FBI official was caught altering documents within the
2016 surveillance operation against President Trump…

So It Begins

Its Lieutenant Colonel Brian Cates to you, pal!

> Its Lieutenant Colonel Brian Cates to you, pal! Retweeted Shem Horne

This right here is preemptive damage control.

The SpyGate plotters have by now read the sections of the
report dealing with their actions & have given their
responses back to Horowitz.

Now they’re leaking to CNN to spin what’s coming.

More at the link…

Ms. Toad (19,532 posts)
20. It doens’t prove he is innocent –
But – there are very strict rules to follow in order to obtain a FISA warrant.
It is the equivalent of lying to obtain a regular search warrant – even if the target really is a criminal, any evidence that flows from the warrant may be kept out of court (even if the persion is guilty) in order to protect all of our rights.
So – this is potentially a BIG deal, even though it has no bearing on whether he is guilty or not.

triron (15,645 posts)
40. This is only Barr f***ery. eos

Response to triron (Reply #40)Thu Nov 21, 2019, 08:59 PM
Ms. Toad (19,532 posts)

60. It depends entirely on what they find.
If the information on which the warrant was based was falsified
If it was the only information (or the key piece of information) on which the warrant was based
How many warrants there were – and what was gathered as a result of the warrants
If (assuming normal criminal procedural rules – without pulling the statute to confirm) those executing the warrant were (or should have been) aware of th eany falsification.
There’s a lot we don’t know at this stage – but it could be a very big deal (regardless of all of the criminal activit it

dewsgirl (6,411 posts)
5. They are going to use this to do as much damage as they possibly can.

Blaukraut (4,937 posts)
6. So Barr has decided to leak his report in pieces for maximum effect
As long as we don’t know how the document was altered, they can make hay with just the insinuation that something untoward was going on.

stillcool (25,562 posts)
34. the Barr Show…
is beginning.


h/t dr0id


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