Democrats In Congress Illegally Vote, 24 Yes to 16 No, That Attorney General Barr Is In Contempt Of Congress

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Vote count was held at 1:58 pm.

24 to 16 in favor of holding AG Barr in contempt of Congress.

Barr CANNOT – I repeat CANNOT release their illegally requested redacted Grand Jury material in the Mueller Report.

If they want it they have to go to court and get a Judge to rule in their favor.

THAT is the normal lawful procedure.

They have just voted to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt for refusing to break the law.

Let. that. Sink. In.

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Democrats illegally cite Attorney General Barr… for following the law. 

The process now goes from Committe and goes to The House Floor for a full vote.

Expect the same result:

Democrats vote yes
Republicans vote no.

They really are desperate to see which and how many of them are under Grand Jury Indictment.



h/t WGON

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