Democrats Talking About “Our Values”: “We Gotta Kill” MAGA “Extremists”

by Chris Black

This was to be expected after the recent Dark Brandon speech in which he declared MAGA patriots to be the enemy of the state.

I already told you in the article covering the Dark Brandon thing that retarded Conservatives/Republicans don’t take the DEMs seriously, and they’ll end up in the gulag.

Everyone thought Biden’s Sith Lord speech was just campaign rhetoric.

Now all Trump’s staff and supporters are being raided, served subpoenas and some are even arrested.

Many of them will go to jail in the coming years, I assure you (no, it is not just a “scare tactic,” they are going to actual jail).

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They’re telling you straight up what they’re going to do.

It’s not hyperbole.

It’s not just inflammatory words.

It’s a statement of fact.

And yet so many dismiss it out of hand as just somebody shooting their mouth off.  “They would never actually do that!”  Yes, they will.  They ARE.

‘MAGA’ false flag incoming before midterms, then watch the SHTF.


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