Demographics Is Destiny 2.0

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by Chris Black

If you don’t think race and politics go hand in hand, you’re not paying attention and you’re in denial.

California went blue because of the RACIAL demographic change. 

Texas is going blue because of the RACIAL demographic change. 

The Democrats and the media boast about this, while Republicans are in denial. 

Hispanics have never and will NEVER be over 50% for Republicans.

Different racial groups choose their people over everything else.

 Racial conflict is inevitable. This is one of the fundamental issues with diversity, and why no racially diverse country has ever lasted.

Whites are the only group that don’t think this way, which why America worked when it was a super majority white.

Because Hispanics on average choose their race over the nation, they see republicans and their position on the border as hostile to their people.

Even the majority of Texas Hispanics are against the border wall.  

Whites are the ONLY group that sometimes vote over 50% for Democrats and sometimes over 50% for Republicans based on policy, not race. 

This is one of the major reasons they want to replace you.

The key is: America needs a 20 year break to give time for enclaves to assimilate. Maybe this will change a bit.

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