DeSantis Just Scored a Knockout Blow Against Dems

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After numerous legislative victories in Florida over Critical Race Theory, COVID Masking, and Parental Rights, America First Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is emerging victorious over something very, very important to keep his state Red- Redistricting- and it is a knockout blow to the left.

“The battle over redistricting has raged in Florida for months now, with even Republicans in the legislature doing their level best to surrender and hand Democrats a nearly status-quo result. DeSantis, on the other hand, stood up and said he wasn’t going to allow the GOP to fold. In the face of immense pressure, he vetoed the legislature’s map, setting up a standoff. Who would blink first?” Red State reported about DeSantis moves this month.

AG Gancarski reported on the next steps for DeSantis, saying that the ball is in DeSantis’s court now as he prepares news maps- because the ones he was given did not meet his requirements.

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