Design Is Key

and which one of those items is deliberately designed for killing multiple people in a short space of time?

h/t New_Life


2 thoughts on “Design Is Key

    • that is a nice one but it is not OSHA KOSHER?
      I think the school staffers NOT the ALIENS or MEXICANS working there ILLEGALLY, should ALL have the latest SNOT GUNS. You may well ask “what the hell is a SNOT GUN”
      it is a NON LETHAL weapon to disable and subdue unruly or insane “LONE GUNMEN” . I fires a WADD of stickey plastic foam SNOT than GLUES the target to the walls!!!
      It is bright ORANGE and can’t be washed off, it also contains oxeyconten as a SEDATIVE.
      this will SAVE a LOT of TEACHERS and targeted students as the armed TEACHERS can’t SHOOT THEMSELVES.

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