Big Alphabetical List of Banned YouTube Channels

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It’s useful to see what content “ThemTube” finds dangerous and to find to help spur a shift to alternative platforms to view truth-tellers and controversial researchers.


  1. According to Joe
  2. Adamic Amethyst
  3. AmericanEveryman
  4. animal farm
  5. Anti-School
  6. aplaintruth
  7. Arthur Koestler
  8. Back to the Constitution
  9. Barry Soetoro
  10. Blackstone
  11. Bombard’s Body Language
  12. Brave New World
  13. Charles Walton
  14. Charlton
  15. Colin Flaherty
  16. Crow777
  17. Darkness at Noon
  18. David Seaman
  19. Defango
  20. Destroying the Illusion
  21. Dr. Jerome Corsi
  22. Dr. of Common Sense
  23. Dustin Nemos
  24. Dustin Nemos
  25. Edgy Sphinx
  26. Elliott Marxx
  27. Factions of Freedom
  29. Free Radio Revolution Revived
  30. FromDeath2Life
  31. Gematrianator
  32. HowISeeTheWorld
  33. InTruthbyGrace
  34. Jake Morphonios
  35. Jay Myers
  36. Jim Marrs
  37. Joanne Steen
  38. Johnny Supertramp
  39. JYW420
  40. Kalika from “For the People”
  41. Kearn Kearsy
  42. Kevin K Johnston
  43. Kinningan
  44. Lawarewolf
  45. Liberty Columnist
  46. Mag Bitter Truth
  47. Matrix Breakout
  48. Max Malone
  49. McFly
  50. McSimonius
  51. mgtow is freedom
  52. Mlordandgod
  53. Murdock Murdock
  54. Operation Hal
  55. Peekay
  56. Peekay Boston
  57. Psyched Substance
  58. Redd Dog Truth
  59. Richie Allen Show
  60. RichieFromBoston
  61. Ron Johnson
  62. Russian Vids
  63. Sargon of Akkad
  64. The Black Child
  65. The Kepler Telescope Channel
  66. The Ochelli Effect
  67. Titus Frost
  68. Urban Moving
  69. Victurus Libertas VL
  70. WAP tech
  71. Willy Myco
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Comment below with (1) anyone I’ve missed (2) any misspellings or (3) general reccomendations and I will add to the list
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57 thoughts on “Big Alphabetical List of Banned YouTube Channels

  1. It’s like soaking in a bathtub and all along complaining that the water is too hot. Why are you still in the tub then?

  2. The “two strikes” against alex “jew” jones is pure window dressing. That fat zionist is 100% controlled opposition.

    • We stopped watching Alex Jones & then we started watching him again? Hey, you’re right. (((They’re))) fucking with us again.I

      • I definitely find it suspicious that Alex, who says exactly the same stuff as a lot of the smaller content providers who had their channels terminated, is impervious to being taken down. I followed many of the creators on the list, and they were not bullies. Most of them simply provided information not publicized by MSM, or provided an alternative opinion. I don’t think anyone should ever be censored (unless it’s porn which belongs on an over 21 years of age site). It just seems to me that the only ones remaining on YouTube is MSM channels and Alex Jones (and a few like Jason Goodman). It just seems too contrived. Beat ’em down before they grow too big; what an easy way to stifle the competition!

        • Alex Jones was promoting some Hollywood movies, two of Ridley Scott’s Alien prequels, Prometheus and Alien Covenant, he is a part of the MSM that is why they have not given him the boot, they are trying to act like they support free expression on their platform but the reality is they do not. There have been many contributors who have been booted off that site.

        • How can you sue someone who is giving you access to their platform for free when they decide not to let you have access to their platform?

          • Actually you can when YouTube pays the content creator for posting their content on the site. The only real time content should be deleted is when there is a copyright issue and we are not talking about fair use issues where I include a scene from “The Simpsons” to show how not to do something Homer is doing on the show.

  3. Someone must have WATCHED each and every video to make that stupid decision to ban those channels……or they just left this up to their “smart bots” to do the watching and censoring for them…..

      • I guess they’re going by titles and not content…I can hardly wait for new videos with wacked out titles to get around this censoring crap.

  4. You should also include a website/forwarding address for where these valued providers are headed, if known.

    • dtube and Jim Fetzer is on, so is Peekay and others. Actually it is a really good site without censorship

  5. But I will take credit where credit is due I got hit first, and I am so sooo Proud of that fact. So fucking proud.

  6. A particular agenda can fairly easily create controlled opposition by mass sanctioning, then reinstating those selected who will play-ball with their secret conditions.
    But the astute will likely then notice something different about your channel.
    “Hey, XYZ never calls out CNN for their lies and half-truths anymore!”
    Pretty obvious then who was “got to”.

  7. I got popped for a JFK Assassination video I posted 6 years ago. 700,000 views later some silly fuck dings me for bullying and harassment. I harassed JFK, the dead man, or maybe it was Oswald the dead man. I read their strike procedure. It says one of their silly fucks actually watches the video. Which they couldn’t possibly have done in my case. There simply was no bullying.

  8. Well…youtube is run by a gaggle of Leftist kooks. So…no use crying about it. Those channels need to find a non-politically affiliated site to host them. The Liberals hold the cards at youtube–its wrong…but there it is.

  9. The reality is it has become very popular to be Internet “Gurus” and blabing on and on about all the “bad” things in the world but yet no one is offering any solutions. Anyone can appear to be clever, smart, insightful as they continue repeating what they hear using key buzz words like “satanic” and “NWO” and “inside job” and more but alas, try and find some pragmatic SOLUTION blogging that helps put people in action.
    If you want to see things change the get off your butts and become “activists.” Attend any meeting that makes decisions on your life…School board meetings, City and County counsel meetings, anything on land and water use, especially anything with an Agenda 21 plan. Don’t take flu shots, speak out when in public about the nonsense you see regarding “inclusion” and other socialist agendas. Stop using SMART phones, get off of social media sites, don’t use Google, don’t buy from Amazon.

  10. Some of these channels are still up or have been reinstated. You might want to check your list. I agree with Mr. Potato Head. It’s time for action.

  11. I like and respect and often follow ‘dr common sense’, ‘sargon’, jim marrs, ‘op hal’, jerome corsi, ‘mlordandgod’, // i don’t know arthur koestler or darkness at noon, but a great man and one of their own they murdered when he saw the light.
    meanwhile, pornographers, terrorists, reverse racist sexist religionist continue and even dominate the left column ‘you might also like’

  12. Seems about time for a class action lawsuit.
    At then end of day Youtube will be drag into court and face a class action law suit for Discrimination, and violation of free speech. They are going to make Mr. Jones a richer man. PragerU has already filled a lawsuit.
    PragerU’s argument rests on the idea that modern social media behemoths constitute the digital equivalent of today’s public square. Thus, their users must be provided the same free speech protections in cyberspace as in the town green. The suit reads in part:
    The United States Supreme Court…recognized more than a half-century ago that the right to free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution can apply even on privately owned property. One of the most important places to exchange and express views is cyberspace, particularly social media, where users engage in a
    wide array of protected First Amendment activity on any number of diverse topics.
    Where, as in the case of Google/YouTube, a private party operates as one of the largest internet forums for speech and expression in the history of the world and such forum is accessible to and freely used by the public in general, there is nothing to distinguish it from any other forum except the fact that title to the property on which the forum
    exists belongs to a private corporation. As the highest court in the nation has made clear, ‘[t]he more an owner, for his advantage, opens up his property for use by the public in general, the more do his rights become circumscribed by the statutory and constitutional rights of those who use it.’

    • In Packingham v. North Carolina, a case the Supreme Court heard earlier this year, Justice Anthony
      Kennedy stated of platforms like Twitter that, “Their utility and the extent of their coverage are greater than the communication you could have ever had, even in the paradigm of public square.” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg added that those being restricted from using such platforms “are being cut off from a very large part of the marketplace of ideas. And the First Amendment includes not only the right to speak,
      but the right to receive information.”
      Plus the courts just ruled the past month on Cake making for gays.
      John Simons, President Trump’s choice to head the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), along with Republican nominees Christine Wilson and Noah Philips, as well as Democrat Rohit Chopra testified to the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday, Feb. 14, that they are open to investigating the Internet edge providers including
      Google/YouTube and Facebook to see if they are in violation of consumer protection laws.

    • Freeman has been doing the same “satanic” nonsense for ten years now.
      Evidence leads to proof which is then a fact. There is NO evidence of
      god, jesus, or satan. They are all man made myths to steal sovereign
      spiritual expression to control humans out of fear. Therefore there can
      be no anti christ or satanists. Just because psychotic, sociopaths choose to hide their evil ways in religious mythology does not validate the myth. They are simply cowards playing malevolent games of hate and harm. It is the 21st century, wake up.
      Stop trying to be the hippest slave in the bunk house. Go out and change things through activism.

  13. When you folks understand, there is a Synagogue in every city in this nation, we are invaded, nothing is ours anymore. The Constitution is nothing to the invaders and as soon as they get the guns out of the peoples hands we will be told to take our Constitution and stick it. We need a real movement in this nation, a back to Israel with the Jews, movement, Jews have stole it, Palestine, now go live in there. What is the difference between the Jews Synagogues and the Muslims Mosque, no difference both of these kinds of people want what we have, what is left they have not already stolen, we, the people, on the sidewalks and in the ground. “Americans” will get exactly what their Jew loving butts have coming, the end of their nation, slavery, forever, and an early grave. Go ahead suck up to them murderers and thieves, hey, what is wrong with you people anyway?
    Learn to hate now, before it is too late to do anything but die. Oh, and what about the children all you fake Christians swear you love so much, right now the children are being prepared for the grave, altruism, cancer, diabetes, lung and heart diseases, the children are the walking dead and no one is too blame but the Jesus loving, Jew loving, parents, who will send the children to an early grave just so they can have some smokes, beer, and a ball game.
    Shame, shame on you people, you had paradise and gave it away for nothing.

  14. What Alternative Media is now facing is hell on earth. But not only Alt Media, but those of us on the Right are going to be harassed and threatened. While the Left has broken every law in the book, they will never be held accountable. This is very much like the persecution of Christians. I feel, too, there are plants inside the alternative community, and it is difficult to know who to trust. I have to ask myself how some of the others have remained untouched on YouTube.

  15. What happened to MlordandGod? She used to have some very dubious stuff on her channel that was so ridiculous it was comical but she has some good stuff too and for blind people she would often just read the newspapers she found most of it in.

  16. What happened to MlordandGod? She used to have some very dubious stuff on her channel that was so ridiculous it was comical but she has some good stuff too and for blind people she would often just read the newspapers she found most of it in.

  17. You will be controlled. You will obey. You will keep your eyes closed, and your mouth shut. Eat your GMO gruel and move on.

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