John Podesta Warns Jared Kushner To Wear His Kevlar On His Back.

by Ruby Henley
They are so brazen, because they have gotten away with so much without being “collared.”  I am sick of hearing “indictments,”as they mean nothing if not fulfilled with handcuffs.   I had hope the Podestas of this world would be held accountable, but that hope is long gone.  The darkness has fallen, and I do not see the sun rising.  
However, I think even for John Podesta, this is very brazen.  Podesta tweeted the following, which is actually a threat to Jared Kushner.  

John Podesta?
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“Seems like those “unnamed sources peddling second-hand hearsay with rank speculation that continue to leak inaccurate information,” came straight from 1600 Penn. Jared better start wearing his kevlar on his back.”
As the Left seeks to destroy the Second Amendment, John Podesta warns Jared Kushner he had better wear his “Kevlar on his back.”  Really…John…why?  
I wish Seth Rich had worn a Kevlar on his back, and maybe he would still be alive.
Remember Seth Rich?  
Of course, we could look at it this way – the fact that Podesta is desperate enough to be making threats on Twitter shows how much his power has diminished.  He still has to get his kicks, so maybe this is a good sign.  Maybe the “spirit-cooking” just doesn’t give him the thrill it used to.

White House social media director Dan Scavino said that Podesta’s comment was “creepy” and took it as a threat.  “Creepy John Podesta with a threat directed at the Presidents son-in-law….disgraceful,” he wrote. “Not surprised!”
Here is a response from Twitter:


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