Detransitioning: The female who wants her boobs back after removing them to be male & the boy who became a woman to become a man

People who opt to change their gender and then choose to reverse the process often face mistrust and a lack of support. spoke to two detransitioners who shared their story of the painful journey back from being trans.

Transitioning from one sex to another is a radical process. It’s commonly misunderstood, and most ordinary people are confused about how to even refer to the individuals involved. But there’s an entire group of people who are even more widely misunderstood: detransitioners. They committed to living as the opposite sex, only to change their mind and revert to their original gender.

Few detransitioners are comfortable speaking publicly, but two agreed to share their journey with

Oliver from Minnesota in the US was born female. She said: Growing up I was called a tomboy. I didnt feel I related to the other girls, all my friends were boys or outcast girls that didnt fit in. Id mostly be by myself. I remember getting a pair of boys shoes and being elated. I held on to them until they fell apart. I wanted to wear boys’ clothes, but that was too much for my parents as theyre fundamentalist Evangelical Christians.

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