Opps: US soldiers accidentally reveal top secret locations of nuclear weapons on European bases

  • American soldiers stationed at military bases in Europe armed with nuclear weapons have been unknowingly sharing secret protocols and base details 
  • Military personnel used flashcard apps to study and memorize the details of the nuclear weapon systems 
  • They failed to realize the flashcards containing highly confidential information was available online which anyone could look up 
  • Flashcards contained details including info helping soldiers remember which vaults within a base contained nuclear weapons and which ones were empty
  • By simply looking up the names of specific bases thought to contain nuclear weapons details including about passwords, security procedures were revealed 
  • Locations of security cameras and duress signal words soldiers can use when  compromised were also included 
  • The flashcards dated back to 2013 but some were as recent as April 2021
  • Bellingcat then cross-referenced data from the flashcards with other reports and images shared online by soldiers themselves to verify existence of nuclear vaults
  • All flashcards have since been deleted after the military were asked for comment

American soldiers relied on apps to study and memorize the details of the nuclear weapon systems for at least eight years without realizing that the highly confidential information also was available online for anyone to look up

Soldiers stationed on European bases that host nuclear weapons unwittingly exposed a number of sensitive details through apps that made top secret information appear publicly in online searches.

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The details included classified locations of nuclear weapons on bases, and secret code and duress words that are supposed to be only known to members of the military.



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