Did Obama Let MS-13 Slide To Bolster Support for Democrats

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by Mark Angelides

The Criminal Super Gang, MS-13, has a 30 year history in the US and yet Donald Trump appears to be the first President to attempt a serious take-down. Under Barrack Obama, several “fiscal targeting operations” were attempted to reduce their money supply, and massive operations put in place against “some” of the members (6 to be precise). But the one thing that could have actually destroyed them outright was never even considered: stopping illegal immigration. 60-70 percent of current U.S. members in MS-13 are immigrants, the majority of which could be illegal, and the remaining percent are likely born to illegal migrants in the US.
MS-13’s motto is “Mata, roba, viola, controla’ (Kill, steal, rape, control).” They are a gang that has flourished since their early days in Florida in the 80s to an international organization with around 30,000 members…10,000 of which are in the US. Whilst it is suspected that a large proportion of their profits come from extortion of migrant communities and businesses, part of the huge income comes from the trafficking of people between Mexico and the US. It is not just gang members they transport either. They run a part of the Coyote trade for bringing in illegal migrants and use routes to bring in prostitutes that are run by the gang in their cities (some of whom are unwilling and drugged, including underage children).
It is for their trafficking trade that many suspect they have not been fully shut down. If they were stopped, the flow of migrants would not cease, but would be greatly reduced. The higher the migrant population, the more Democrat voters in the future…it is a demographics war being fought on Americans (both native born and naturalized).
Former AD of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division, Ron Hosko, had this to say about them:
“They’re very cohesive and often directed by imprisoned bosses in El Salvador to recruit and expand in American communities. That tends to mean there’s an aggressive internal enforcement mechanism which equates to internal discipline involving physical violence and murder for disrespect or betrayal,”
Many of the members in the US have committed and been found guilty of crimes within the US, but despite MS-13 being classified as a “Terrorist Organization” in El Salvador (where they originated), very few have been deported. And those that have, tend to come straight back in. Without a proper immigration system, where borders are properly enforced, MS-13 will just get bigger and bigger, and destroy more and more communities. Sanctuary cities are their main bases for a reason. To do their business, they have to be in the country, if they couldn’t get in, their business disappears.
President Trump and AG Jeff Sessions have made a point of highlighting efforts they will conduct against MS-13, but without immigration enforcement, it will all be for nothing.

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