Did President Trump Set Off A Bomb With Syrian Airstrikes?

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Since the 45th President decided to launch airstrikes at Syria (in response to what appears to be leader Assad gassing his own people), the offshoots have been catastrophic. The Commander in Chief’s course of action engendered a swift divide amongst Trump supporter, some of whom are now pushing the inane conspiracy theory that Jared Kushner manipulated the President into launching the airstrikes. Others stated that President Trump’s actions demonstrated strength and boldness. Both positions have their merits, but since the President ran a campaign on putting America first, intervening in foreign affairs is a bit off putting.
How do you feel about the President’s course of action? Was it wise for him to launch air missiles at Syria or should America have avoided a battle that does not concern us? Arguments have been made for both viewpoints. One person stated that while President Trump’s actions are concerning, we should see where they lead and have faith in him. Another person slammed the people who withdrew their Trump support as “bleeping morons” and declared that those people should have waited to get all the facts. In all honesty, it is valid to censure those who no longer support the President. Disagreeing with Trump is absolutely reasonable, but to desert him is an entirely different matter.
Harsher critics of President Trump’s foreign policy have now lowered themselves to attacking his close relatives. His son-in-law Jared Kushner has come under scrutiny with many so-called ‘supporters’ who are calling for him to be fired. ‘#FireKushner’ trended on Twitter for hours last night. Some people apparently hold Kushner responsible for Trump’s choice to launch air missiles at Syria; these individuals have also resorted to blaming Kushner for every decision Trump makes that contrasts with their desires. They fail to grasp the reality that the President is responsible for his own decisions, not Jared Kushner. To imply that Trump is a puppet for Kushner is both unfounded and insulting to Trump’s intelligence. Supporters must accept that they will not always agree with the decisions of the Commander in Chief.
Critics have also highlighted allegations that Kushner donated to Democrats in the past and  labeled him as a “snake.” Those who use this argument to merit Kushner’s firing should be extremely careful. The President himself has donated to Democrats. Should he too be fired? The flagrant attacks aimed at Kushner absolutely ridiculous. Until there is unsubstantiated evidence that he is working to undermine the President or promote liberal policies, all accusations should cease to exist.
The past seven days have arguably been one of the most eventful weeks of Trump’s Presidency. Launching Syrian airstrikes is still a hot topic; many people are still weighing in and discussing conspiracy theories. Others are speculating about the strength of America and how we are perceived by other countries around the world. Almost everyone has their own opinions about the upcoming ramifications of Syrian airstrikes.
What events do you think will happen in the foreseeable future?