Did the Political Elite Really Kill Seth Rich?

by Tesseract

Two weeks ago, Fox 5 DC did a report that raised more questions on the suspicious death of DNC data analyst, Seth Rich. Last July, Seth Rich was shot in the back twice and died shortly after in a DC hospital. Even though none of his personal belongings were stolen, DC police labeled the murder a “botched robbery” and swept the case aside.
A month after Rich was murdered, Julian Assange (founder of WikiLeaks) went on Dutch TV and stoked the flame of truth seekers everywhere. Assange heavily suggested that Rich was the source of the leaked DNC emails, and later offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Rich’s killer.

Rod Wheeler, the Rich Family’s private investigator, stated that he had new evidence regarding Rich’s murder. Wheeler said that he has sources inside the DC police department and the FBI that he believes to be extremely credible. Wheeler explicitly said in his interview that his sources confirmed the fact that Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks before his death.
Almost an hour exactly after Fox 5 DC broke the story, the Mainstream Media went into full damage control. The Donald Trump/Russia conspiracy greatly intensified across all mainstream networks. Washington Post devoted an article to discrediting Rod Wheeler and his story. They even floated the idea that Seth Rich was killed because he might have discovered that Russia was the hacker.
Then Rich’s own family came out in condemnation of Wheeler’s story. A family statement was released shortly after the story broke:
“As we’ve seen through the past year of unsubstantiated claims, we see no facts, we have seen no evidence, we have been approached with no emails and only learned about this when contacted by the press.”
It just so happens that Seth Rich’s family’s spokesman is Brad Bauman, a Democrat crisis PR consultant.

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Days after the initial story broke, Rod Wheeler and Fox 5 DC began to backtrack on how conclusive the evidence actually is.
In Noam Chomsky’s Propaganda Model, one of the tactics of the establishment is to discredit any information that is not favorable to the establishment’s narrative. If Rich was indeed the DNC leaker, it would throw a wrench into the narrative that they have created on Russia. In my view, the Russia hysteria that the establishment has created is nothing more than an attempt to turn US citizens against Russia over fossil fuels in Syria.
If Seth Rich was indeed killed for leaking information to WikiLeaks, it could mean serious legal trouble for the establishment. These are forces so powerful that they can quickly discredit and remove any narratives that might get in their way. They even went after Hannity, a well known MSM figure, for digging into the Seth Rich story.
Assange is telling us as clearly as he can – without revealing his sources – that Seth Rich was the DNC leaker. I think we should listen and pursue justice for this patriot. Whatever happens, the establishment’s grip on the narrative is slipping and more people are waking up because of people like Rich. It’s only a matter of time before we nail them.


13 thoughts on “Did the Political Elite Really Kill Seth Rich?”

  1. Follow George Webb on YouTube for the Seth Rich case and much more on the
    Awan brothers. It’s likely all tied together and the ic is obviously complicit in all of these crimes.

  2. Oh, of course they did! They’ve been doing this for decades. It’s evident in the high level and sophistication of the coordinated cover up. The only focus remaining is proving it. Hopefully, this time, it will have been a ‘Bridge Too Far’ and this murder will unwind the entire operation and agenda. I think it may well happen, but is dependent on how entrenched and influential the GOP ‘deep state’ is.

    • They killed Saddam and Qaddafi for threatening the US Dollar, and the were the leaders of their countries! Compared to that, Seth is a ‘nobody’, like you and me.

  3. Did the oligarchs or their minions kill Justice Scalia like a Godfather movie, with a “pillow on his face” instead of a horse’s head in his bed?
    Doesn’t matter because the body was labelled a heart attack by a cop and cremated to get rid of any evidence? Wouldn’t getting rid of any evidence be a cause to indict all those involved? Of course, it would, but nothing happened and we all took it. I am not a one man army mofos, if there’s no one else ready to stand up, wtf can I do by myself?
    There is NO more reason to point out the US is a banana republic with a stasi FBI. It’s obvious even to my 77 year old mother and she just likes to watch dance competitions on TV.
    The time for talk… “educating” the public is over. The public gets it. It’s now time for the public to decide if they are men or mice.
    To commit to live as free men or die trying. We all now are slaves in a former constitutional republic in name only.

  4. Fact: Seth Rich was not a low-level techie. He was a high-level administrator with full access to DNC emails, the very same emails that Wikileaks published.
    Occam’s razor says the simplest explanation is probably the correct explanation.

  5. I think that Democratic leaders were certainly capable of murdering Seth Rich, but the known evidence suggests to me there is a 90% chance he was murdered in a botched robbery, just as hypothesized by the DC police. There were two assailants seen on the grainy security cam video, and they scuffled with Rich, who had bruises on his face, hands, and knees, before they fatally shot him. None of that suggests a professional assassination to me.


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