US Deep State Trying to Overthrow Filipino Government

by Tesseract

Last year Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, ordered US troops to leave his country, cutting 65 years of military ties. This dispute has been bubbling up for awhile, and Duterte has finally had enough of US Imperialists treating him like a “doormat”. His decision was a major blow to the US Military Industrial Complex as the Philippines was a key stronghold to put pressure on China in the South China Sea dispute.
The South China Sea has become an area of major contention as many different nations in the region have disagreements on who has rights to the sea. China is trying to dominate the region with it’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative that would give them control of the most extensive trade routes in the world. Gaining control of the South China Sea is crucial in completing the initiative. In theory, the nation that controls trade controls the world. That is the reason the US and their allies are so adamant about keeping China’s control of the region in check.
The US still has allies that stand in the way of China’s implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, but Duterte’s decision to break away from the US alliance has threatened the US’s ability to maintain world dominance. Empires come and empires go. With enough time, the US empire will suffer the same fate as all the rest. There will eventually be another nation that rises to take control of the world, and with China’s recent foreign policy and economic moves, it’s looking more likely that the next empire will be China.
Even though the changing of the guard could still be decades away, the US does not look intent on going away quietly. Over the past two decades, the US Military Industrial Complex has launched an all out assault on the Middle-East to maintain control over oil trade. With the world sensing the waning power of the US, many countries have begun to defy US authority. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Russia, China and now the Philippines have all refused to be US Deep State puppets. Some have suffered the ultimate consequence but others are grouping together and are increasingly prepared to fight off US Imperialism.
Out of the depths of the hell that US created in Iraq, ISIS was born. Being master manipulators, the US Deep State now uses ISIS to their benefit. Our allies in the Middle-East, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, were discovered by WikiLeaks to be funding and training ISIS. ISIS is now on the ground in Syria helping the US overthrow the Assad government.
So, what is the Deep State doing to combat the disobedience of the Philippine’s Duterte? Sending in ISIS, of course. Here is a quick look of the Philippine army fighting ISIS in Marawi:

It is easy to get carried away in the US vs. US enemies narrative, but what the US is doing to the rest of the world is inexcusable. These violent initiatives by the US Deep State are meant to benefit the few that are already extremely rich and powerful. I don’t condone their actions at all, which is why I am sharing this story. The first step in improving the US is to get rid of the Deep State.

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1 thought on “US Deep State Trying to Overthrow Filipino Government”

  1. Of course they are. The US is the world’s biggest sponsor of global terrorism, and when Duterte told the US to fuck off…well…that was like announcing you were going to bypass the US Dollar.
    Just ask Saddam and Qaddafi what happens when you threaten the US Dollar.
    Oh. Wait. You can’t. We killed them.
    By sponsoring al Qaeda. Remember al Qaeda? They “did 9/11”, but we now sponsor them because the US State Dept said they “aren’t terrorists”.
    “The US-Israeli-UK alliance (the real axis of evil) alone threatens world stability, peace, and perhaps survival” ~ Stephen Lendman


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