Discovery+ Makes Reality Show About Teenage “Drag Queens”

by Chris Black

Our children must be exposed to degeneracy 24/7.

It’s our values. It’s who we are.

And it’s totally normal.

These really are end times.

Sodom and Gomorra ain’t got shit on Globo Homo.

People Often Confuse What’s Happening Globally With Communism

It’s easy to see why many think that. 

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But it’s not communism. 

It’s technocracy, and has been a global agenda for nearly a century, dating back to the Rockefellers, Trilateral Commission, and more. 

The abolition of private property is certainly not happening. Ownership of private property is simply shifting into the hands of private elites, as we’ve seen over the last two years. BlackRock is buying out residential property in the US; central banks (private and public) are driving global economics.

Big Tech oligarchs are buying out small tech; and mega corporations are buying out smaller corporations.

Technocracy doesn’t prohibit wealth creation in the lower classes, but it favours centralised physical and psychological control of society through science and technology (and transhumanism). 

Listen to this podcast with Patrick Wood, who is an expert on technocracy:


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