Division is how they control us

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by guitar0622


The system divides us and then pits us against eachother so that we are always at eachother’s throats instead of recognizing the true nature of reality and the control system we live under and then finding a way to end it:


  • division between male and female
  • division between old and young
  • division between straight and LGBT
  • division between ethnicities and skin color
  • division between religions and cultures and sub-cultures
  • division between the owners and non-owners of property
  • division between abled and disabled
  • division between urban and rural
  • division between countries themselves
  • and last but not least the division of labor itself


These are the primary ways the elites divide us and in turn get to rule over us. I believe sooner or later the people will realize that this is wrong and end these forms of divisions so that humanity can be united, and become one organic whole, not separated by artificial boundaries anymore but all of society becoming harmonious and symbiotic like a big healthy organism. When that happens that is when people will truly be free, living in a highly advanced peaceful and prosperous future society where the people will be in charge over their lives and destiny.



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