Do Guilty parties usually demand immediate investigations?

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“At #UNSC the Syrian Arab Republic DEMANDS that the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons should attend immediately to investigate #Douma IMMEDIATELY Not in days, weeks or months time IMMEDIATELY ”

Following the discussions at the emergency meeting, all rational countries are calling for immediate investigations.

US response is to bomb first, stop asking questions.

Nikki Haley is stating we will do whatever we want whether or not the UN approves.

“At the #UNSC meeting today Russia proposed to help to bring to #EasternGhouta #OPCW experts to investigate alleged CW attack.Syria pledged to offer any assistance.Any doubts that we take all this seriously? Though I will bet nobody comes. US: punishment first, investigation next.”

Kyle Orton ‏Verified account @KyleWOrton 40m40 minutes ago

Asad’s representative: we’ve written 145 letters to #OPCW; “you don’t read those letters and you don’t respond to those letters”. We told you the White Helmets were preparing to “film Hollywood-like scenes” so they could “incite against Syria”.

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Speaking to the #USA, the envoy of #Russia says “Chaos follows you everywhere you go… Do you even know what you have done? You do not know.” #UNSC #Syria

“The great evil of #chemicalweapons use… is becoming the new normal.” #NikkiHaley ignores the use of such weapons by US backed anti govt terrorist forces in #Syria. #UNSC

“Friendship is both reciprocal and voluntary… we are not begging to be friends from you… what we want from you is normal civilized relations which you refuse. Your only friends are those who cannot say “no” to you.” #Russia to #USA at #UNSC

“You’ve heard these warnings, but deliberately ignored them… A significant number of #ChemicalWeapons were discovered in areas liberated from fighters.” #Russia at #UNSC on #Syria

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“Allegations were immediately taken up by those financed by western capitals, including the white helmets… immediately conclusions were drawn blaming Syrian govt forces.” #Russia at #UNSC on #Syria #chemicalweapons allegations

Top twitter posts on this meeting…

Caleb T. Maupin ‏ @calebmaupin 6h6 hours ago

“Not a single local resident confirmed the chemical attack as taking place… bodies were not found… Use of Sarin & chlorine is not confirmed.” #Russia at #UNSC on #Syria #chemicalweapons allegations

Caleb T. Maupin ‏ @calebmaupin 6h6 hours ago

“The staged nature of this action is something that there is no doubt. Trajectory of the bombs is unnatural. Bomb fell through a window into a bed, without damaging it?” #Russia at #UNSC

Syriangirl Explains Who Is Behind The Latest “Chemical Attack” In Douma, Syria

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