Imran Awan case and it’s espionage level corruption.

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This is such a huge story and it gets little attention.

No background checks for the IT Aide and apparently investigators are being prevented for investigating any further.

Daily Caller News Foundation investigative reporter Luke Rosiak said Congress was hacked during the Imran Awan IT scandal and thinks Democrats are responsible, Tuesday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

“The House policy says if you’re going to give someone super user permissions on the House network, meaning they can read all of the members emails, you’ve got to do a background check,” Rosiak said. “But they hired this guy Imran Awan and his brother, and soon they brought other relatives, too. And these guys had criminal records, they had a dozen lawsuits, they had ties to foreign officials, and they never even checked their backgrounds.”

“In other words, Congress was hacked,” Rosiak continued. “You never heard about this. This is a shocking revelation.”


“These are the Democrats that are constantly lecturing us about cyber security,” he added. “They basically brought the fox into the hen house and the worst happened. Congress was hacked.”


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