Do I Detect A Trend? US Treasury 10Y-5Y Slope Hits Zero (Inversion Imminent) As USD OIS Curve Steepens (Nickel UP 66.25%)

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by confoundedinterest17

Today’s hawky-dove announcement by The Fed (raises rates by only 25 basis points, but hints that many rate hikes are around the corner.

The US Treasury 10Y-5Y curve has slumped to zero as inflation climbs and the number of rate hikes hits 7. Do I detect a trend?

And then there is the USD Overnight Indexed Swap (OIS) curve. Steep much?

And electric battery metal, nickel, is surging … again. Up 66.25%.

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When they made Narcos, Pablo Escobar should have said “Nickel or Lead” instead of “Silver or Lead.”



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