Do You Miss Trump Yet? World War 3 Is Brewing!

by Chris Black

Iraq and Bosnia are imploding.

China threatens to shoot down the US Speaker of the House’s plane.

Russia invaded Ukraine.

Serbia and Kosovo are on the brink of war.

I thought Biden was supposed to be a return to “normal” and an “adult” and a foreign policy “genius”…

I forecasted back in April that Serbia would likely be the next conflict flashpoint after watching different developments, such as the new NATO base in Albania.

Nobody in the Balkans ever consented to Albanian organized crime groups ruling them.

That was a decision made unilaterally by Washington/NATO Jews like Madeleine Albright and Wesley Clark.

Fast forward to 2022, Serbia has economic backing from China and likely, at this point, military backing from Russia.

How they are getting weapons being landlocked is a mystery, but it’s possibly via China ( judging from news reports I’ve seen.

So this is an unsettled score and injustice created by the malice of NATO and that makes war inevitable.

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The only question right now is Serbian leader Vucic’s will.

If he doesn’t have it, my guess is there will be pressure for him to step down.

Some news:: Belgrade is working to reduce tensions in Kosovo, Serbian President Vučić said. He also thanked Russia for its support in the situation with the escalation of tension in the self-proclaimed republic.

1 Serb has died in the shootings, no Kosovars killed

– The armed forces recommends to President office to reinforce the border in the South if the rights of Serbs in Kosovo is violated more* – Serbian television per source

It’s midnight in Serbia, Kosovo and most of Europe.

This was an eventful day in the Balkans. Hearing people speculating if the KFOR redline couldn’t be a way to hide the fact US forced Kosovo to choke on the Serbian ID restriction it wanted to do.

Like, they maybe threatened Serbia in order to look strong and not appear as having choked.

Can’t wait to see the Serbs liberate Kosovo and topple the hideous statue of the Albanian narco-state’s founding father, Bill Clinton.

Just in: #Kosovo postpones for a month the ban on the use of Serbian license plates and documents, which led to the current escalation

The decision was made at the request of the US ambassador in Pristina.



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