Does This Look Like the Russians are Losing the War?

by Chris Black

The Ukrainians are agreeing to never join NATO, stay neutral, and grant Russia its claims to the Donbass and Crimea.

Here’s a better question: why did this war even have to happen? It’s now obvious that both Zelensky and the US see Ukrainian lives as disposable.

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If what’s left of Ukraine does join the European Union, Brussels and the US will now be spending most of their time and money trying to prevent a nationalist type from rising to power.

After three hours of talks in Istanbul, Ukrainian officials said their country was ready to declare itself permanently neutral — forsaking the prospect of joining NATO, a key Russian demand — and discuss Russian territorial claims in exchange for “security guarantees” from a group of other nations. An aide to Ukraine’s president called the Russian delegation “constructive,” while Russia said it would “drastically” scale back its military activity around Kyiv to “increase mutual trust.”


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