Don Surber — How to win on student loans…

Conservatives won’t discuss the student loan debacle. Why not? Democrats created the mess. Never let a Democrat mess go to waste.

Outstanding student loan debt is at $1.6 trillion, which used to be a lot of money until the Federal Reserve decided that the stock market must be saved at all or any cost. These are signature loans from young people who have no collateral. No sane person would make such loans. Naturally, the federal government encouraged it.

The federal government encouraged it because colleges are great lobbyists. They have alumni roaming the halls of Congress. They can offer teaching jobs. They can publish your books.

Democrats and RINOs love colleges.

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Colleges meanwhile are little bureaucratic beehives.

Harvard at 385 years is the oldest college in America. It has 13,000 employees in 10 unions.


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