Donald Trump unveils new – ‘Keep America Great’ – 2020 election slogan

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DONALD Trump greeted a cheering crowd of thousands on Monday night, fresh with a new slogan for his forthcoming reelection campaign.

Trump sailed to victory in 2016  with much of the success attributed to his famous ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan.

And now the 45th US President has unveiled a new trademark phrase that will no doubt dominate his 2020 reelection campaign – ‘Keep America Great’.

Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, The Donald was also quick to boast about how his new catchphrase would certainly ‘sell a lot of hats’


Supporters in the ‘must win’ state of Pennsylvania had been urging the president to adopt a new slogan ahead of the official second term campaign launch next month.

The brash billionaire held an impromptu ‘show of hands’ survey during his rally in Montoursville, which saw him stand in front of an Air Force One backdrop as Neil Young’s ‘ockin’ in the Free World’ blasted through giant speakers.

“I like to do polls on the cheap,” he joked.


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