Don’t Believe Anything You See In The Media – It’s False And It’s Meant To Keep Us Blind

by Mark Angelides

Consider this: If not only the news that angers us, but also the news that elates us were all part of a design to control our emotions and make us active and inactive at will, and the powers that control the media had the power to use it, would they? The sad truth is that they do have the power to do this, and they do use it, and we follow along blindly being alternately enraged and pacified.
When news of a terror attack comes out, we blow our tops and screech and curse against the deaths and the lack of government response. And then when we hear about Donald Trump making a speech that he’s going to stomp out terrorism, we feel overjoyed as though something might actually be changing. But the point is, both of these are manufactured and delivered to us in such a way as to ensure we stay glued to the TV and in a constant state of emotional flux.
We are encouraged to believe that there are two teams in Western politics, but it doesn’t quite ring true. There are supposedly those on the “Left” who are described with various titles such as liberals, progressives, Leftist etc…And those on the “Right”, who are described as Conservatives, Republicans and so on. But more and more people are waking up to the fact that it’s all a fairy tale, these groups and divisions only exist because we are told from those on high that X is better than Y or that You personally fit into group W (with a nod to Arlo). We have all heard of the “Narrative”, but it actually goes deeper than commonly realised; the “Narrative” is run on all sides of the equation, and it keeps us in the dark from reality.
One of IWB’s excellent commenters (Joe Blow) makes a fantastic point about slinging “fear porn” and not being willing to provide answers. He has actually hit the nail on the head; when we write or make comments or videos, we shouldn’t just vent things; we should be calling out the “Narrative” when we see it (even if we happen to agree with it) and proposing solutions instead of getting ourselves into a fit of righteous anger.
So with that in mind, here are my proposed solutions for avoiding the “brain fog” that is being cast upon us:

  1. Don’t React: The State media only perpetuates itself based on our reactions. They thrive on our Tweets and comments and outrage; we are the oxygen that feeds the fire.
  2. Don’t Comply: When we choose to placidly accept one rule and fight against another, we are dancing to their tune (because both propositions are theirs). Follow the advice of the great David Icke:



  1. Be Independent: Don’t allow yourself to be “in hock” to government organizations. Don’t use credit cards, don’t take out a mortgage, don’t work 9-5 in a job that you hate to pay taxes to a government you don’t support.

These are but a few suggestions. If you have advice on how to avoid the trappings of the fairy tale, please share them in the comments section below.