The British Government is Actively Involved in Trying to Discredit Donald Trump – And They’re Using the American Media to Do It

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by Mark Angelides

The UK Government has denounced Donald Trump’s government for leaking pictures (of a Forensic nature) into the Media and thereby hampering the ongoing investigation into the Manchester Terror Attacks. And though the British media is involved in a full scale frenzy because of this, they neglect to point the finger of blame where it should really be.
If one thing has become obvious since Donald trump’s election, it is that he does not have complete control over all departments and that it is the holdovers from the Obama administration that are actively involved in leaks of official documents. How many stories have been leaked to the compliant media in the last few weeks, and all aimed at discrediting Trump.
Forensic photographs and Intel were shared with the US security services, which then made their way directly to the New York post and NBC, who decided to publish them. British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is looking to take Trump to task for these leaks at the upcoming UN conference. It will destroy what’s left of America’s standing in the Global community and make Intelligence sharing more circumspect in the future (which is most likely the whole point of it).
Trump could of course put a stop to the whole mess by firing almost the entire security service Bureaucrat level of administrators, but it seems he is already in trouble for firing even one Director. And the British government know this. They plan on trashing Donald Trump’s ability to effectively run all aspects of the nation by marking him out as incompetent.
The simple truth is that the Intel was shared with specific department in full knowledge that the photos and information would appear in the friendly media. But what is not so simple is recognizing who put the British government up to it. As much as I would like to think that Britain is a key player on the world stage, the reality is that the UK has not been a free country for a very long time. It had one shot with Nigel Farage, and the people blew it! They chose to continue living under the rule of the two (one) party state because they have been cowed into fear of the unknown country.
But all is not doom and gloom. There are true radicals out there. They are not the heads of established political parties, they are not key runners in tight political campaigns. They are the people who we see vilified and dragged through the media on a daily basis. They are the people we are invited to pour scorn upon and whose opinions are regarded by the elite as abhorrent.  The fairy tale continues, and will continue to do so as long as our options are of their choosing. Embrace the radical until it becomes the mainstream.

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7 thoughts on “The British Government is Actively Involved in Trying to Discredit Donald Trump – And They’re Using the American Media to Do It

  1. We’ll see. JMO but people are underestimating The Donald. The head of the British Intelligence resigned to spend more time with the children for a reason other than the one listed. F the British.

  2. The “City of London” financial district was and is the center of the globalist NWO and exercises financial control over much of our media.

  3. It is no use blaming Trump for leaks in Washington. He, in fact is a victim himself of the Deep State attempting to displace him.

  4. The criminal British Government were the “terrorists” responsible for staging this complete hoax. Take some time to examine the non evidence supplied by corrupt, fake news MSM. The depth of this deluge of effluent reaches into every slimy corner of the British establishment. The narrative has been incessantly repeated 24/7 ever since the crisis actors went home and the roadies moved in to clear up the fake blood and prepare for the next flying circus performance. Attempts to discredit Trump are only part of the agenda. Repeating the “wake up,” call is pretty ineffective against cognitive dissonance but , hey! wake up anyway!

  5. Photos were leaked? What I think is that the reporter was doing his job…
    Obviously the British government was trying to control the narrative of what happened and got stinky poo when they couldn’t…
    Just goooooogle ‘Manchester Hoax’ to see what people are not buying… Even the reporter himself said the photo was a fake from another terror ‘simulation’ performed there in the past.

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