Don’t fall for tax preparers’ advertising an advance on your refund based on your last paycheck of the year.

by revcanon

I just saw a commercial for a nationally known tax preparer that said, “Next year, your tax refund won’t arrive until after February.” As if this was some new timeline we’ve never experienced.

This is absolutely normal. Your employer has until January 31st to mail your tax docs.

They are only trying to sell you on taking a loan at 35.9% APR! (Per the fine print i just read.)

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You are giving up much of your return just to satisfy a fear created only by advertising.

1) You can probably file your own taxes easily and cheaper unless you have something significant in your portfolio.

2) Just wait on your return, if you use a tax preparer. (With direct deposit, it will likely be there quickly anyway. )

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3) If you’re (typically) getting a (large) refund, make an adjustment to your tax withholding so you can use that money when you need it through the year rather than giving the government an interest free loan while you struggle to budget.





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