DOW 3,000 – 90% CRASH Ahead | Steve St. Angelo

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Back in the 2008 crashed, when the Dow peaked, it didn’t fall off a cliff for another six months. The Dow currently is overvalued at least 90 percent, Steve St. Angelo tells Silver Doctors, and we may be in for a repeat of the 2008 crash, only this time, it will be much worse.
St. Angelo lays out a timeline of the crash, forecasting the Dow will first fall to 18,000, then 13,000, then plummet to 3,000. Crazy? Some people would think so. He argues the stock market has been inflated beyond fundamentals. With the popping bubble along with the U.S. shale oil industry disintegrating in the coming years, Dow 3,000 is possible, St. Angelo argues.
When the stock market plummets, he says, money will pile into precious metals, with silver moving up quicker than gold.
Cryptocurrencies are due for a further sell-off. “95 percent of these ICOs are going to disappear.”

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