Drain the Swamp: McMaster Has to Go

by Robert Carbery

I used to think current National Security Advisor General H.R. McMaster was possibly worth having around. His book decrying the Vietnam War seemed credible and pointed to him having some sense about his philosophy regarding the exertion of American force abroad. He dug into the lies that led to the runup of the calamity that was the Vietnam War, full of stunning parallels to Afghanistan today. Turns out I was very wrong. And upon further inspection, McMaster cannot be allowed to run the National Security Council any longer.
McMaster has made his mark on the NSC over recent weeks. He has canned Rich Higgins, now former director of strategic planning over a memo Higgins wrote alleging that the Deep State is out to remove President Trump, something we are all quite aware of here at IWB. But that was not enough. McMaster went on to dismiss two more top officials brought on by former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn: Derek Harvey and Ezra Cohen-Watnick. Steve Bannon was also pushed out of the NSC earlier this year and he has clashed with McMaster regularly over draining the swamp that is Washington DC.
Alt-right new media personality and truth-teller, Mike Cernovich, said, “I read that Rich Higgins article that you wrote and I got triggered, because I thought that memo was brilliant. And I thought, ‘I’m gonna create McMaster Facts and I’m gonna start getting every leak I can about him,’” referring to a Rosie Gray story in The Atlantic about Higgins’s memo, detailing a very real plot by Islamists, globalists, and leftists out to destroy Trump.
Cernovich has significant inside sources in the White House and regularly scoops the mainstream media on breaking stories. He is more than credible and is regularly called a Russian troll by the out of touch and failing liberal media. Mike has been leading the charge for the trending #FireMcMaster call. And there are many reasons why he has to go.
Everything the president wants to do, McMaster opposes,” a former senior official said in a wide-ranging interview. Trump wants to get us out of Afghanistan once and for all, McMaster wants to go in and add more troops to that shitshow. Trump wants to work with Russia and get us out of Syria, McMaster wants to start a war with Russia and continue our failing tactics in that war torn region. Trump wants to deal with the China issue head on, McMaster wants to kick that can way down the road as we have for years and years. Trump wants to confront the Islam and identity issue in America, McMaster wants to ignore it.
In addition, McMaster told former National Security Adviser and known liar for Barack H.  Obama, Susan Rice, in April that she could continue receiving access to classified information. He would waive a “need-to-know” requirement to accessing classified information contained in documents she saw or received during her time as national security adviser, according to a report. The letter was sent from McMaster’s home to Rice’s in April, according to Circa, and the president was kept in the dark about all of this.
But the Deep State is just a myth concocted by right wing provocateurs, right?
That’s what George Soros-run Media Matters would say. The publication came to the defense of McMaster recently, so you know something fishy is underway. A recent piece by Alex Kaplan, titled, “Fake news purveyors, Twitter trolls, and Sean Hannity go all in against national security adviser McMaster” laid out the cleaning of the NSC house by McMaster as common practice and not suspect at all.
“Multiple far-right trolls, including Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Cassandra Fairbanks, and Stefan Molyneux, called for Trump to fire McMaster (with some using the hashtag “#FireMcMaster”) because McMaster “approved of Susan Rice keeping her top-secret security clearance,” because “its (sic) time for the WH to find a Natl Sec Advisor who supports the President,” and because “H.R. McMaster is a Deep State Plant who Opposes the Trump Agenda.” Kaplan and Media Matters are a part of the conspiracy to dethrone the Donald and they cannot be trusted. Susan Rice should be put in jail, not given additional access to classified documents.
Trump should fire McMaster and the entire NSC staff, so says Richard Manning in a recent Fox News piece. The leaks pouring out of the NSC damaging Trump under McMaster’s watch have been unprecedented, illegal, and highly damaging to our foreign policy objectives. This is not how to run a country or direct one’s national security efforts.
The recent leaks by the WaPo publishing full transcripts of Trump’s phone conversations with the leaders of Australia and Mexico have wrought unnecessary damage to our ability to conduct foreign policy. Now, no foreign head of state can discuss matters with President Trump without worrying that his or her words will be released for everyone to read.
Manning wrote, “As a military man, the general himself should appreciate that when a leader loses control of those in his command, he needs to be removed. And unless McMaster is the leaker himself, he clearly no longer has the ability to protect the interests and secrets of the United States.” We can no longer accept this amount of leaking from Trump’s national security team. It is time for Trump to clean house himself and get a handle on his foreign policy that McMaster seeks to undermine.
It is time to do as Attorney General Sessions said and “not allow rogue, anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country.” We must get a handle on sensitive information and plug the leaks once and for all by firing the leakers.
Looking at you, McMaster.
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