D'Souza Explains How Democrats Treat Today's Blacks Exactly the Same Way That Slaves Were Treated

It’s a 3 minute video. Here are the points that Dinesh D’Souza makes.
As per “The Peculiar Institution” by Kenneth Stamp, the 5 characteristics of life on a slave plantation are:
1.) Broken-down unsafe housing
2.) Broken families
3.) Much violence required to hold the place together
4.) Basic needs are provided, but nobody gets ahead
5.) Nihilism & despair result from no hope to improve
Large cities run by Democrats have all these same features. Democrat slave owners wanted to control blacks for their labor; modern Democrat politicians want to control blacks for their votes.

Blacks just needed the opportunity to be able to save themselves, and now that it’s there, they are taking it.
The Dems offer equal outcome, which just results in everyone being poor and miserable, and conservatives offer equal opportunity, giving everyone the same chance to improve their own circumstances.
The blacks have been suffering under equal outcome for far too long. They are starting to embrace equal opportunity.