Dutch Deaths 20 Percent Higher Than Previous Year Average

by Chris Black

In NL about 84% of the 18+ population has been vaccinated and 63% of the 12-17 yo.

According to the statistical office, the higher mortality can be seen in all age groups.

Statistics Netherlands does not yet have an explanation for the higher mortality. More deaths of Corona patients were registered at RIVM last week.

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With only some 15 percent of the adult population unvaccinated, the Dutch have a higher vaccine uptake than the majority of the world. But Bas van den Putte, professor of health communication at the University of Amsterdam and a member of the scientific advisory board of the RIVM’s Corona Behavioural Unit admitted that he could not explain the dramatic rise in deaths.

Other “experts” sadly had no explanation for vaccine failure either.

Despite the hard evidence piling up of a complete public health failure on a global scale, governments and politicians continue to stick to their useless mandates.


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