Economic Alert, It Has Begun, The Collapse Is Spreading State By State

Retail is now dependent on government food stamp money. The economic system is breaking down and each state is now feeling the effects. Illinois, Connecticut, Maine, NJ and many other states are started to feel the economic collapse. With the states failing we are now on the precipices of a failing pension system, this failing pension system will hit hard as the economic system fails. GDP estimates are now converging with each other. The corporate media is now pushing the idea that the next recession will be caused by climate change.

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4 thoughts on “Economic Alert, It Has Begun, The Collapse Is Spreading State By State”

  1. Great time to go buy a new car with zero down!!!! Then when the end comes you don’t owe diddly as every financial institution has disappeared. Yeah, sure. Notice how the car companies are pushing this car and that car at you on tv? They know they will be stuck eating those cars for Xmas dinner and need to unload them on you no matter what it takes.

  2. Connecticut is victim of departing leader and politicians HUGE SPENDING! Spend, spend, spend. Maybe they didn’t get enough $ from fake school shoot?

  3. A guy I occasionally talk to called the other day, talking about the problems the republicans have created, but the FACT that the economy is doing very well, ”since real estate is up so much and the stocks are great shows just how strong the economy really is”.
    He wonders why I just laughed and laughed at him, and he got kind of flustered.
    I said ”my laughter at your stupidity is better than me beating the shit out of you for such incredible gullibility and ignorance, wouldn’t you say?”
    No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public” H.L.Mencken


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